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When your starter or alternator begins to fail, you don’t have time to wait to repair it. All American Electrical Rebuilders can rebuild your current starter, alternator, or DC motor and save you time and money on the cost of a replacement. All American Electrical Rebuilders can refurbish your current unit, or we can order you a new replacement and have it the next day. No more waiting on a guy at the parts store, no more having to wait on parts from out of state, come see your local repair shop.

starter repair

Starter Repair

Simple starter repairs from solenoid replacement to complete rebuild. We can take your weak starter and make it brand new again.

Contact cleaning

The brushes inside your starter make contact with a commutator. Over time carbon builds up and the contacts become corroded. Eventually this will prevent your starter from operating.

Solenoid Replacement

Your solenoid is what engages your starter and starts your engine. Solenoids heat up over time and the copper inside wears out. The copper plates inside weld themseves together after so many uses and will begin to fail, requiring replacement.

Bushing replacement

The bushings inside your starter align the armature bar and allow it to spin freely inside the case. With time these bushing wear out and cause more damage to the internals of your starter.

field coil replacement

Field coils operate like magnets inside the starter case. This creates the rotation needed to start an engine. Over time these coils overheat and the starter will short circuit. In some cases these copper fields can be rewrapped, in other cases they may need replaced.

alternator repair


Your alternator not only helps keep your batter charged, but provides the power to different electrical components in your vehicle.

Regulator Replacement

The regulator in an alternator is like a little computer. It turns the alternator on and controls the amount of voltage and amperage that the alternator puts out. Regulators commonly get overloaded and fail.

Rectifier Replacement

A rectifier typically has 6 or 8 diodes in it. These diodes change the output current of the alternator from AC electric to DC electric. Without changing the output, the electrical system in a vehicle would be shorted out.

Stator Repair

Stators are a series of copper wires wound around a steel lamination stack. These copper windings are what produce the amps that an alternator puts out. Stators can be custom wound to produce higher amps for custom applications.

Bearing Replacement

The bearings in an alternator are what allows the rotor to spin freely. The bearings wear down over time by the constant rubbing of metal on metal.

DC electric motor repair

DC Motor Rebuilding

DC motors are what runs hay spikes, winches, golf carts, tarp motors, etc. These motors are the driving force behind moving components.

Brush replacement

The brushes in a DC motor are what makes contact with the armature. These brushes are made of a carbon/copper mixture and wear down over time.

bearing replacement

The bearings in a motor are what allows the armature to spin freely. The bearings wear down over time by the constant rubbing of metal on metal.


Most DC motors fail because of rust. These motors are sealed, but when they get hot they create condensation which leads to rust. The rust locks up the motor and or brushes stopping contact from being made.

Armature/Field Replacement

Armatures can spin open, or the commutator can throw a bar. In either of these cases, the armature must be repaired or replaced.

Field coils can get too hot when the motor is overloaded. This excesive heat can burn the insulation off of the coils causing them to ground out.


Great Prices!

Great prices, excellent service, really good people. Would recommend for my mother or daughter.”

Randall Fouse

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“These guys are super friendly and knowledgeable. We took an alternator in and they had it rebuilt in a day. Phenomenal turn around. Super happy customer.”

Jen Sands-Fertig

Above and Beyond!

“The shop here goes above and beyond the call of the shop work. They came to me knowing I do not have transportation to get to them. They have all my rebuild work from now on. Do not buy new, let this shop do what they know and that is fixing and speaking the truth. 10,000% best shop in Sapulpa or USA.”

Tony Davis

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